Month: December 2015

Jazz-Soul Groove Part Four


As I’ve mentioned before, it’s always wise for a blogger to pick artists that either have plenty of biographical details already out there or new, original stuff that you have unearthed yourself. In the face of this sound advice my next disc is by an artist that, like Jackie Ivory only appears to have issued one 45 before sinking into oblivion and he is RUSSELL EVANS & THE NIGHT HAWKES who gave us ‘The Bold’ on UK Atlantic 584010 / US Atco 4611.

5 Royales and Ohio Soul CDs

THE ‘5’ ROYALES – The Complete Apollo Recordings. History of Soul Records. SOUL016
A while ago, I warned you about those lunatics at History of Soul and how they were complete obsessives and if they say they are going to cover a group they know no bounds. Along with the last 5 Royales CD I reviewed plus this and the next HOS Records CD set below, they have provided us with almost 180 tracks. The 5 Royales were the very first group to merge secular and sacred musical influences into a coherent whole, laying down the future guidelines of soul music. These CDs contain some of the very best early soul and R&B ever recorded and the Royales’ music still has the power and the passion to move us all.

Jazz-Soul Part Three


I must admit to never having heard of today’s choice until I came across the disc at a record fair about ten years ago, ODELL BROWN & THE ORGANISERS ‘No More Water In The Well’, Cadet 5591. Odell Elliott Brown was born in Louisville in February 1940 and was another relatively late starter in the business after he moved to Tennessee and met up with some likeminded State University music students and got a scratch band together comprising himself, Artee Payne, Curtis Prince, Henry Gibson and Tommy Purvis. His aspiration to enrol for university himself was curtailed when he was drafted into the 179th, 5th Army Band which led to the group disbanding.