5 Royales and Ohio Soul CDs

THE ‘5’ ROYALES – The Complete Apollo Recordings. History of Soul Records. SOUL016
A while ago, I warned you about those lunatics at History of Soul and how they were complete obsessives and if they say they are going to cover a group they know no bounds. Along with the last 5 Royales CD I reviewed plus this and the next HOS Records CD set below, they have provided us with almost 180 tracks. The 5 Royales were the very first group to merge secular and sacred musical influences into a coherent whole, laying down the future guidelines of soul music. These CDs contain some of the very best early soul and R&B ever recorded and the Royales’ music still has the power and the passion to move us all.

Long may it continue. Available through record outlets or direct from www.historyofsoul.net at £8.50.

THE ‘5’ ROYALES – King A Sides & B Sides. History of Soul Records. SOUL015.
This collection contains all 25 singles that the 5 Royales recorded for King between 1954 and 1960. This was the time when they developed their classic style and again merged secular with the sacred, laying down yet more guidelines for the soul genre that was yet to come. The music herein equals their output on the other two HOS CDs and it still hits the feet and the heart some fifty years on.

Available through record outlets or direct from www.historyofsoul.net at £8.50.

VARIOUS ARTISTS – Ohio Soul. History of Soul Records. SOUL026.

Before WW2, the afroamerican population of Ohio was small and concentrated in the southern part of the state, mainly in Cincinnati; black music recordings from that era in the state are pretty rare. But the great migration northward from the old slave states during and after the war drew large numbers of blacks to the factories of Akron, Dayton and particularly Cleveland.

This encouraged musical entrepreneurs to establish independent recording companies in Ohio that produced music for the new populations. The state’s powerhouse for the music was of course the King label and its subsidiaries run by the iron fist of Syd Nathan in Cincinnati. So it is quite appropriate that this CD set has a predominance of tracks from this source and King’s Chicago outpost.

Available through record outlets or direct from www.historyofsoul.net at £8.50.